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NEW Client Portal

November 13, 2016

Until next time...

Wishbone Pet Services is thrilled to announce our New Client Portal. Clients are always welcome to contact us by phone and email, but this is an option to do everything in one place!


As Wishbone Pet Services client, you will be able to review schedules that are directly linked to your pet sitter's schedule (if it's in your online schedule - it's in ours). Request new services any time day or night, change care information for your home and pet(s), receive new updates, pay online, invoices to be automatically sent by email, and much more at your fingertips.


We are most excited that your Client Portal is simple and easy to use. When selecting something for our clients to use, we didn't want something unnecessarily complex or confusing. Our Client Portal was chosen based on its well design and effortless as possible :)