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Our Services

Pet Sitting

Are you planning a trip? We offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy your time away knowing that your fur kid(s) are in excellent hands. It is a great alternative to boarding your pet(s) at a kennel when you go away. Your pets feel safe and secure in the comfort of their own home without the stress or injury from being kenneled in an unfamiliar environment. 

  • Fresh H20 replenishing and keeping their scheduled feedings

  • Retrieve mail, newspapers, packages

  • Water indoor/lanai plants

  • Curb and return garbage/recycle bins

  • Alter lighting and blinds to give your home the "lived-in" appearance

  • No indication on our vehicles that we are pet sitters - your safety comes first.

  • Clean bowls, feeding area: scoop litter or bedding, as needed. 

  • AND ... of course LOTS belly rubs, ear scratches, & extra TLC!!

In-Home Pet Sitting Cape Coral FL

 Starting at $30.00/per visit

Holiday fees & Additional Pets charge may apply.

30 minutes Per Visit

Please note: Two visits per day minimum for dog care & One visit per day minimum for cats/birds care. 

Daily Walk/Visit

Walking, as simple as it seems, is very important to your dogs' health, temperament, and overall well-being. So, instead of rushing home from day out on the water, leisure day of shopping, rushing home at lunch or right after work to exercise your dog(s).

  • Regular exercise to ensure good mental and physical health.

  • Activity will tire your dog(s) and therefore decrease their negative/destructive behavior.

  • Increase muscle tone and helps limit risk of obesity.

  • Daily mid-day visits help maintain a consistent routine.

  • Elderly dogs' bathroom needs are increased and need extra time.

  • Crate trained puppies need to get out more frequently and establish a routine.

 Starting at $25.00/per visit

Additional pets added charge.

Holiday fees may apply.

5 - 7 Days a Week

30 minutes Per Visit

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Overnight Stay

Why does your fur kid(s) need an overnight companion?

  • Ultimate C-O-N-V-E-N-I-E-N-C-E 

  • No Kennels or boarding!

  • Pets get to stay at home and ENJOY the comfort of their own environment. Stress FREE!

  • Do your pets sleep in bed with you? No Problem! We will sleep with them. More the Merrier! 

  • You get to come back from vacation and not worry about picking up Fido from the kennel.

  • Your home looks lived in which adds more security; including collecting mail, bringing out garbage & recycle bins.  

  • For pet(s) that have separation issues, young animals needing more attention, elderly pet(s) or pet(s) with health issues that need constant care and monitoring. 

  • Evening and morning visits are included!


 Starting at $85.00/per night

Additional pets added charge.

Holiday fees may apply.

10 hour Period


24 Hour Stay


Now you can travel and enjoy time away from home, guilt-free. You can relax knowing that your home and special pet(s) are in caring, reliable hands. We meet the individual needs of each of your pet(s) by emphasizing personal attention all day long.

Along with everything a regular pet sit includes:


  • Pet "Housekeeping" - Cleaning up basic indoor, pet created messiness while you're away to keep your home nice and tidy for your return.

  • Final pricing for all "live-in" services is customized to each clients' individual needs, which can include dog walks, multiple pets, medical care and support, hand-feeding elderly or disabled pets, etc. 

  • Daily texts, pictures and/or videos.

 Starting at $165.00/per day

Additional pets added charge.

Holiday fees may apply.

24 hour Period

Limited Availability


Multi - Hour Stay

 Starting at $25.00/per hour

Additional pets added charge.

Holiday fees may apply.

2 or more Hours to qualify.

Limited Availability


Do you have a fur kid who is older, injured, energetic, or a nervous nelly? Any of these types (and more) would benefit from multiple hours during daytime hours. We follow day to day routines just how you'd do it. This is perfect for anyone who needs couple hours out of the house, but doesn't want or can't leave their fur kid(s) alone.

  • Always under a careful watchful eye. Which also means constant attention! 

  • Activity will tire your dog(s) and therefore decrease their negative/destructive behavior.

  • Elderly dogs need extra time and TLC.

  • Crate trained puppies need to get out more frequently and establish a routine.

ferret_PNG17094 (1).png

Acrylic Pet Portraits

What a treasure to have & to keep memories alive. Pet portraits are a popular keepsake for when we lose our beloved fur family members. Not only do you receive a portrait of a your furry/feathered friend, it is painted by a professional artist - my uncle Patrick. 

                                                                                     -- Tara, owner of Wishbone Pet Services

 Starting at $75.00/per portrait

Additional pets added charge.

Varies canvas sizes available.

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